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Nichols Farms - Environment - Conservation is Our Culture

Conservation Through Amazing Technology and Awesome ProcessesSolar Power is Amazing Technology and Very Awesome

Since 2010, we have generated over 50% of our electrical demand with solar arrays by generating 2.6 MkWhours of electricity annually. Our state of the art solar farm is located on six acres of property adjacent to our pistachio processing plant.

collection of pictures showing solar panels and a pistachio tree

Conservation ThroughWater Recycling

We recycle 100% of the water used during the pistachio hulling process to irrigate our almonds and pistachio crops. The recycled water is very high in potassium, a valuable plant nutrient. The annual water requirement is reduced, and the need for synthetic potassium fertilizer is eliminated.

collection of pictures of nuts being sprayed with water in a factory

Conservation ThroughSolid Waste Composting

Pistachio hulls are a byproduct of the hulling and drying process. We’ve partnered with one of our growers to produce compost, turning the pistachio hulls in to a valuable natural fertilizer. Use of synthetic fertilizers in reduced, the carbon footprint is minimized, and we’ve created a product in high demand by organic and conventional farmers.

collection of pictures showing a factory, person holding a plant, and a plant growing out of the ground

Conservation ThroughDrip Irrigation

100% of our orchards are drip irrigated, the most efficient method of applying water to almonds and pistachios. We’ve adopted strict water budgeting, along with plant based water stress measurements, to ensure we used the least water possible. We’ve embraced technology where it helps, to save water on our own farm, as well as sharing what we’ve learned with our grower partners.

collection of pictures showing an almonds, pistachios, and a picture of drip irrigation

Conservation ThroughMaterial Recycling

We recycle OCC, plastics, and wood pallets. The beneficiaries of our recycling program are future generations of valley residents. They will benefit from our reduced energy consumption, less pressure on landfills, and cleaner air.

collection of images about recycling